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Linked4Good is a unique fundraising concept offering an innovative, SAFE & SECURE way for your school or organization to raise money. Earn a minimum of 40% of each donation GUARANTEED!

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Using your school’s custom built online donation system, invitations are sent to parents and friends to participate in your fundraiser.

Once a donation is made the donor has the ability to upload, store & share their own personal photos, as well as access the photos that were uploaded by the school.

Ultimately they can order custom products from images on Linked4Good with the school receiving a percentage of sales.

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Each donor receives a FREE-secure website where they will view images from the school as well as a place where they can upload their own images for safekeeping & easy access for sharing.

And for every dollar donated, they receive an equal amount of online L4G$ to be used at the L4G store.

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Linked4Good is a powerful tool to assist you in helping your schools and organizations to better utilize pictures taken by you.

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