About Us…

Linked4Good is a unique fundraising concept offering an innovative,
SAFE & SECURE way for your school or organization to raise money.

  1. L4G gives you access to school / organization pictures you otherwise may never see - Only donors have access to the school photos on the L4G website.
  2. For every dollar you donate, you will receive the same amount in ‘L4G dollars’ to use at the Linked4Good online store where you can purchase popular digital products and services at competitive prices.
  3. Once you become a donor, L4G creates a personal, SAFE & SECURE website to manage and store your own images, alongside any of the school / organization pictures you choose to move into your personal picture album(s).
  4. Stay connected via e-mail notifications when photos are uploaded.
  5. Even after the fundraiser ends, 10% of all future purchases made on the Linked4Good online store will go back to your school / organization.
  6. It’s SAFE… No door to door selling.
  7. No inventory to manage.
  8. No orders to deliver.
  9. No handling of any money.
  10. Help your school / organization meet or exceed their fundraising goal!!!